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Comeriver Workplace Partnership and Commissions Program

Each time one of your referred clients uses our software, you will receive a commission and as long as they keep using it, you keep earning, for a year. Want to become a Comeriver Workplace Partner and earn up to 20% in monthly commission? Apply for the partner program here.

About Partnership Program


The Online-partner affiliate program helps to get commissions from every payments made by the referrals with no special knowledge required. 


To encourage those who want to help us share this message, we have this Partnership & Referrals program. Partners will earn up to 20 percent on the subscription payments for Comeriver Workplace for a year.


What Does it Cost to Use ComeRiver Workplace?


The pricing is so affordable that the madam selling Akara on the street can pay effortlessly. The cost right now is ₦20 per hour and it is post paid, meaning that customers use it first before they pay; we charge only for the hours team-members of our clients use working. For a team that has four members, if the team works average of 5 hours per day, the daily rates will be:


20 x 5 x 4 = ₦400 per day. 


How much can you earn?


Imagine how much one would earn if they refer clients totally 100 team members or more. That’s about ₦10k per day residual income that’s guaranteed for a year. 


How much can I earn being a Partner? 

₦200, 000
average earnings per month


What do Prospective Partners need to do to qualify?


  1. Read through our website to learn about our offerings. You should know some things about us to be a good partner, right? You will also find insightful information about who you can bring onboard. 
  2. Sign up using our Partnership Registration form on this page.
  3. Join the Comeriver Workplace for Business WhatsApp Group. We will add you automatically when you fill the form. But if you don't get added, call us promptly.
  4. Advertise Comeriver Workplace to prospective clients
  5. Follow up with prospects to ensure they begin to use the tool and they use it regularly.
  6. As customers pay for their service per hour, we pay you your commission immediately.