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About Comeriver Workplace

Comeriver Workplace helps aggregate insights into how employees are getting work done remotely. It connects your team to a monitoring and analytic platform; integrate your workplace tools into any computer. It gives you a dashboard for real-time insight into how your work is done.


Apart from many other productivity advantages, Comeriver Workplace helps in:


  1. Employee Monitoring
  2. Computer & Internet Abuse Prevention
  3. Task Scheduling and Team Management
  4. Time Tracking
  5. Report Management


How it Works


  1. Team Lead Sign Up Here Online For Free 
  2. Team Lead Create a Workspace Here Online for The Team
  3. Team Lead Add Team Members via E-mail Address
  4. Invited Team Members Gets Email Notification to Join Workspace
  5. Team Member Accepts Email Invitation, 
  6. Team Member Download/Install Client Software 
  7. Team Leader Begins to Receive Insights and Reports on the Dashboard Real-time
It's that simple!


Comeriver Workplace Features


  1. Push Notifications Messages
  2. Time Tracking to Easily Calculate Renumeration
  3. Auto-reporting for accountability & your  convenience
  4. Online & Offline Hybrid
  5. Online Real-time Dashboard
  6. Task Management & Auto-promptings
  7. Post Paid - User first, then Pay per second


How Customers Can use Comeriver Workplace


People around the world can use Comeriver Workplace to ensure productivity and prevent abuse of computer and digital resources. While it is possible to fully customize the usage of the tool to specific needs, we thought to share information on how we think the software can help different categories of customers.


General usage


  1. Organizations and teams that have team-members  that use computer for work could use the tool to ensure their staffs are productive and efficient. This tool will help monitor team members and help them manage tasks and reports. 
  2. Organizations that have a computer device that is available for use by team-members or the public, they could use the software to monitor/prevent abuse of the resources.
  3. Organizations that have team-members that work remotely could use the tool to ensure monitoring and reports. The tool works both online and offline



  1. Schools that have a computer room they allow their students to use can use the tool to ensure their students does not misuse the resources or that they don't go to adult sites.
  2. Use this to ensure that students actually follow the right methods to do their assignments and home-works.

Corporate Businesses & Other Organizations


  1. Team members who don’t normally use computers for work can still use the tool to submit tasks and report.



  1. Especially in places where Government agencies have been converted to “Ministries of No Works”, this tool could be used to help public servants stay focused and help government deliver on her promises.
  2. Who says Government employees can’t actually work remotely? This tools help achieve just that



  1. Parents that have a computer for their kids should use this tool to ensure compliance. They can use the tool to ensure their students doesn't misuse the resources or they don't go to adult sites.

For a detailed and more updated list of use case and if you have any questions, please contact us or visit the website https://workplace.comeriver.com